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Trusted Feed


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What is Trusted Feed?

An XML feed that plugs directly into a search engine index.

What are the benefits of Trusted Feed?

Trusted Feed is good way for sites to get their content indexed quickly as the feed is continually re indexed. This is particularly useful for sites that need to make a large number of ongoing changes to their websites.

Trusted Feed is also a useful method for sites which have large amounts of database driven non spiderable content. Trusted Feed enables such sites to obtain relevant search listings.

Trusted feed can be more cost effective that standard paid for inclusion programs as you only pay when someone clicks on your search result.

How do I set up a trusted Feed?

Trusted Feed needs to be fed by a recognised Trusted Feed partner, contact Boomerang to find out more.

Which Search engines accept Trusted Feed?

Most of the big search engines, except Google, accept Trusted Feed.

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