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Search Engine Optimisation Overview


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SEO Overview

There are two keys to generating good results in search engines. The first is to get your site included in the search engines index. The second is to optimise your site so that it ranks highly in the results when people search on keywords that are relevant to your business.

Search engines use "spiders" or "robots" to crawl through the internet to list websites for inclusion in their index. Once inside the index algorithms are used to evaluate the website. Algorithms are complex formula that rank websites relevancy in relation to search terms. Algorithms are constantly being changed and updated by the search engines to improve and maintain the relevancy of their results.

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The two main search engine spiders are Google and Inktomi. Inktomi is now owned by Yahoo and powers not only Yahoo but also other Yahoo owned engines such as Alta Vista and All The Web. Inktomi also currently powers MSN search. Google and Inktomi currently generate 95% of search engine results between them.

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The Search Engine Optimisation Scorecard

The Boomerang scorecard concentrates on four performance areas that are crucial to achieving good search results and search engine optimisation. These areas are each covered in their own sections.

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Boomerang research users’ search term habits using our own unique proprietary tools, ensuring that ‘real world’ search engine behaviour is now reflected in our client’s website content... new web pages can be created, enabling them to rank well and to contribute positively.