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Pay Per Click Bid Management


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Pay Per Click Bid Management

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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is where you only pay for the clicks that you receive on your adverts. The cost of clicks varies depending on the keyword and search engine. Most search engines now feature pay per click advertising.

Pay per click bid advertising campaigns can be a very cost effective way of advertising however because the volume of keywords that many campaigns use is large they can be time consuming and difficult to manage. Without proper management and monitoring Pay per click campaigns can easily fail to optimise their potential and costs can rise much further than they need to.

Boomerang uses a multi stage approach to planning and organising pay per click campaigns as well a precise set or management processes that refine performance on an ongoing basis to deliver the best results.

The Staged Approach

The Boomerang pay per click management program processes campaigns through stages of testing and fine tuning to create the optimal results for your advertising spend. These stages involve the creation of an initial test campaign, a test analysis and feedback stage and an ongoing procedure of modification and enhancement to maximise results .

Pay Per Click Management Processes

The major processes involved in administering succesful pay per click campagns and Keyword selection, copywriting, bid management and ROI Tracking

Keyword Selection and copywriting

Relevant keywords and phrases are chosen for your Pay Per Click campaign based on an analysis of the terms that people are searching for in your marketplace. The purpose of keyword selection is to ensure that your ads are displayed to the optimum number of people who are searching for your goods and services. Copy is writeen specifically for each ad, ensuring maximum response. For more details on keyword selection see:

Keyword Selection and copywriting

Pay Per Click Bid Management and ROI Tracking.

Pay per click bid management and ROI tracking are the procedures that Boomerang uses to optimise the cost effectiveness of PPC campaigns. Boomerang uses a selection of best in class software solutions to manage PPC and our programs typically involve the following a range of sophisticated bid management techniques.













Boomerang research users’ search term habits using our own unique proprietary tools, ensuring that ‘real world’ search engine behaviour is now reflected in our client’s website content... new web pages can be created, enabling them to rank well and to contribute positively.