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Link Building and Management
Building connections that will really work for your business


Links are the most important factor in improving a websites search results. A good internal linking structure will help optimise a site as will external links  High quality in bound links are now a crucial factor in any optimisation campaign and the means to achieving high rankings within the major search engines.

How do we strategise our link building


We specialize in placing text link ads on high quality websites. Our text link ads are unique because they are a direct source of targeted traffic that are proven to raise your natural search engine rankings.

Link Quality

The internet is now so large, that there are often hundreds of thousand pages on any subject. Search engines have to differentiate between the genuinely good sites, and those with little or no useful information.


To do this search Engines duplicate the real world, by evaluating the level of recognition that each site has. Just as in the real world recognition is deemed most valuable if it comes from a person who has knowledge in the area likewise an in bound link is deemed to give be authoritative if it comes from a site that is influential on the same topic. If the linking site in turn has other expert sites linking to it, then it will gain greater recognition still.

Boomerang provides a comprehensive link development strategy and management program. We start by evaluating your current link status and evaluating the link landscape for your particular business sector. Based on this evaluation we create a bespoke link development program for your site and deliver a link building program to create your inbound network.


Link Building and Management Building connections that will really work for your business

A good linking strategy not only increases direct traffic and builds your brand’s visibility online, but also improves your relevancy rating on major search engines like Google. This all feeds back into the overall success of your SEO campaign.

We have one of the UK’s largest dedicated linking teams, including SEO PR and Social Media specialists, who will make sure your website appears on the right news sites, blogs, forums, homepages, directories and links pages.


We also have multilingual experts in-house and can therefore offer link building for worldwide campaigns in multiple languages.

Guava takes a unique approach to link building, using a range of strategies to deliver a wide range of link types. We’ve also developed our own Ascendex ‘Backlink Analysis’ software to achieve the best linking results. We know that links play a vital role in influencing rankings on most search engines, so we put a lot of time and effort into:


  • Checking your existing links to ensure they’re working in the best possible way
  • link building service
  • Acquiring more of the right kind of links to give you an advantage over your competitors


Linkbuilding Is Easy When You Have Content Worth Linking To


Boomerang research users’ search term habits using our own unique proprietary tools, ensuring that ‘real world’ search engine behaviour is now reflected in our client’s website content... new web pages can be created, enabling them to rank well and to contribute positively.