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Boomerang is a UK based internet ROI agency. Our team have been involved in online marketing and advertising since 2003.

Our consultants have extensive experience of search marketing and advertising management and have an up to date knowledge of all the latest products and services.

Boomerang is dedicated to improving the ROI of its client's web businesses. We provide a comprehensive range of ROI services and use the latest technologies to ensure that our clients receive best in class solutions.

With years of experience and a fresh imaginative response to an ever changing market place, we develop Marketing and Advertising campaigns specific to the needs of your business.

Our core values are customer service and integrity. We provide a high level of customer support on all our PPC bid management programs and are dedicated to best practice SEO solutions that deliver sustainable results in industries such as:

Our service is informed by an understanding of our clients business needs. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers.

They understand the importance of creating a seamless transition from initial concept to the final stages of development. Over-complicated elaboration and extravagant presentations are avoided at all costs. Instead their focus remains, as it should, on developing each project in a highly-structured and deliberate manner and delivering incomparable solutions.

Leading the industry in customer service is not simply about high-tech facilities and back up generators.

What we do

We advise, plan and create the most effective advertising campaign for your business. One of the recent accounts is solar panel installation company based in Yorkshire. We do this via all the major advertising mediums delivering real and effective results at simply unbeatable rates.

These offers are only available to UK customers only.

Why is that important? Simply because US marketers have more than a 5-year head-start on everyone else. They've already tried and tested what works and what doesn't work on the Internet.

Premier mattress cleaning service.

They've already tested the markets. In fact, they've actually created some of the markets that you may hope to sell your products or services to. And remember! The Internet was invented in the US.

  • Their products...How everyday products can lead to amazing wealth
  • Their markets...How to find the most profitable niche markets
  • Their strategies...Simple and highly effective
  • Their earnings...Hundreds of thousands for very little effort


Boomerang research users’ search term habits using our own unique proprietary tools, ensuring that ‘real world’ search engine behaviour is now reflected in our client’s website content... new web pages can be created, enabling them to rank well and to contribute positively.