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Latest Testimonials 2015


Advantage Healthcare Group
Boomerang are in my opinion one of the best if not the best web site construction companies available, they are contactable (a big plus in my opinion) what’s more you can talk to them and they give constructive feedback (and will tell you if they think your ideas are unworkable or detrimental to the overall site appearance / feel and functionality and they do this in a nice way as well, rather than in a condescending manner) they quite simply deliver your vision of your web site on budget and on time what more can you want from a web site design / construction company?

Simply put, Boomerang are outstanding at what they do and the CMS part of the Web site is truly a breeze for anyone responsible for maintaining the site!

J Williamson (IT Manager, Advantage Healthcare Group)

A Boomerang client requested a reference from one of our other clients and these are the questions sent and the answers received:
Q1 - How happy are you with the resultant web site overall?
A1 - Extremely happy with the look and the functionality of the site.

Q2 - Did you feel that they had a good understanding of your requirements? And has the site met all these requirements?
A2 - I felt that the Boomerang team not only had a good understanding of our requirements but they also gave good design / functionality suggestions as well.

Q3 - Were they proactive in making positive suggestions as to how you could improve the site?
A3 - Most definitely they consider everything from all angles as well / technical / security and marketing.

Q4 - Did you have to chase them for progress?
A4 - Never, if anything they had to chase us for information and data for our CMS (not in a bad way either just in the way to remind of the pressing deadlines)

Q5 - How easy is the content management system to use?
A5 - Extremely, it is as easy as using word and you really can become a whiz / expert in no time at all.

Q6 - What weakness would you most like to see addressed?
A6 - I honestly have come across no real weaknesses with Boomerang they do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, and on budget; period.

Q7 - Did the project come in on budget?
A7 - Yes, I gave them a loose spec they gave me quote based on this (and in fact once marketing got involved this changed considerably and they didn’t change the cost or the delivery date) they did the work and delivered the site 2 days early and helped out by inserting around 4000 words of copy into the CMS so that we could launch on time.












Boomerang research users’ search term habits using our own unique proprietary tools, ensuring that ‘real world’ search engine behaviour is now reflected in our client’s website content... new web pages can be created, enabling them to rank well and to contribute positively.